Okay so my first foray into the world of blogging didn’t go so well. Three posts in, and things got incredibly hectic in my life.  It’s been whirlwind year to say the least. But at the end of the day, I probably wouldn’t change a thing.

I think I came to the realisation recently that if I want to blog on a serious level then I actually need to devote the time to it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was a successful website as far as I know. So here we are a year later and I’m giving this another shot.

Truthfully I really do enjoy writing. It’s a fantastic outlet. I often find myself curled up in bed and writing in a journal before I go to sleep. And while whatever appears in that journal will probably be far more personal that what appears here – the principle remains the same. As far as what I’m actually going to write about… that’s still up in the air at this point. There are a lot of activities that I partake in on any given week. So I can’t imagine that this will focus on any specific theme. You may see things about baking and recipes, or crocheting, or managing to work a very technical job, or even about adventures I’ve gone on in my community. The possibilities are endless!

More than anything, this will most likely be a relatively candid look at my life. And not only that, but the lessons that I’ve learned along the way. I want this to be something that I can look back on and be truly proud of. And also know that I gave this my best shot. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?


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