Changing the View on Happiness

If you ever find yourself asking the question, “Will I ever be happy?” then you’re definitely not alone. Happiness is something that we all strive for. It’s part of the human condition. But the question remains: How do you get there? How do you rise to that level of success in your life where you wake up everyday in endless bliss?

One of the ways I see people tackle this is by setting out goals for themselves. They feel that if a certain series of events occurs in their life, then they’ll be happy after that. Those events could be anything really, it differs from person to person. But some examples would be making a certain amount of money, getting married, having children, buying that car they’ve always wanted, etc. But then I also hear people saying, “What if I’m still not happy? Will that be enough?” And those are very valid questions to ask.

It seems to me that we put happiness on a pedestal. The end all, be all of life. This sort of imaginary place where everything is right and nothing can hurt us. But the more we view happiness this way, the harder it becomes to achieve. Let me be the first to tell you this, this type of happiness simply isn’t real.

The thing is, there’s always going to be hardships and obstacles to overcome. That’s just a fact of life. But what many people fail to realize is that there’s so many opportunities to experience happiness on a daily basis. I want to shift your point of view a bit. Stop looking years into the future and wonder if you’ll be happy, and start looking for ways to be happy today.

It really all comes down to a state of mind. And taking joy in the small things you experience in a day. Maybe you’re like me and it’s that first sip of hot coffee in the morning. Or going for a walk outside and feeling the warmth of the sun. Or even finishing a small task you had on your to-do list and feeling that small swell of pride that comes with accomplishing something. Find those small things that you enjoy and take a few seconds to savour them.

The thing that I want you to take away from this is that happiness is not necessarily a destination the we should try to reach. It’s all around us. But I also don’t want you to stop trying to reach those goals you may have in your life. As achieving those things will almost certainly bring you some level of joy and pride. It just won’t be that on that everlasting level that you may have once expected.

Try to take some time to discover what those small things are that you really appreciate. Hang on to them, maybe even make a list of them. And then when you’re having a really off day, you have some suggestions of things you can do to shift your perspective. Because like I said before, happiness is really a state of mind.

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