Be Brave

Live boldly.

Take a look at the world around us. It’s made up of doers. Successful people who seized an opportunity or found their passion in life. They charged forward. They worked tirelessly. They were brave.

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Here’s some food for thought: You are not weak, you are fearful. Afraid of failure, or afraid of the unknown. But what if you looked past that fear and saw what could lie on the other side? What if you could succeed? Because you can.

The human spirit is endless. And you are capable of anything you can set your mind to. Big goals or small, you can do it. Stop putting things off because you think you can’t. Life moves way too fast to say, “I’ll try it another day.” Just go for it. Dive headfirst. Be brave.

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What you’ll find along the way is that happiness comes with the pursuit. Constantly striving and moving forward is how we live our best lives. Never settle.

And if you fail, so what? Worse things could happen. There’s always something to learn and take a way from failure. Maybe you didn’t enjoy it and couldn’t commit yourself to it fully. Or maybe there were some valuable lessons that you can apply the next time around. It’s only truly a failure if you don’t learn anything from it. Even the world’s best athletes fell and made mistakes. But they got back up and tried again. Famous musicians wrote songs that were complete flops before they were famous. But they kept writing. Top business owners often start multiple businesses before they find one that lands them success. But they keep going. They got to where they are through practice, and persistence.

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It’s natural to have doubts. But I dare you to challenge them. A wise person recently said to me, “But what if you’re wrong?” And that’s such a simple statement that is so profound at the same time. Do you think you won’t make it? What if you’re wrong?

Challenge yourself. Strive for more. Seize the day. Foster confidence. There may always be tomorrow. But why wait until then? They say that good things come to those who wait. But better things come to those who reach for them.

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