Who am I? Well as it turns out, I’m a lot of things! I’m a single female in my mid-20’s, with a college diploma and a full time job. In Fall 2016, my life turned completely upside down almost overnight. With that came 4 months of disability where I was unable to work, and a host of mental problems which would start a recovery that was far more difficult than I could have comprehended. Thankfully, they say there’s a silver lining in everything. My silver lining? Self discovery.

I hope for this to be a place where I can share my experiences, both as a young professional and someone who has mental health problems. Because yes, those two things can coexist! I have a passion for spreading awareness about taking mental health seriously. And also about having a positive outlook on life.

Whether you’re someone who’s struggling, or simply want to gain a better understanding about mental health issues, I hope that you enjoy what I have to offer.